1kmThe book “1KM” will be launched on 03rd of May 2017 at 8.30 pm in Treviso. Participating photographers: Raimond Wouda, Céline Clanet and Jan Stradtmann. Moderation: Gianpaolo Arena and Claudio Bettio.

Location: TRA, Treviso Ricerca Arte
Via Barberia, 31100 Treviso, Italy

"Third Nature"Interview about my work Third Nature for CALAMITA/Á project is out on Urbanautica. The interview is part of an article by Steve Bisson about the book The Walking Mountain, published by CALAMITA/Á. The article also contains a conversation with the book designer SYB, the curators Gianpaolo Arena, Marina Caneve and Niccolò Fano as well as some of the contributing photographers: Céline Clanet, François Deladerriere, Petra Stavast and Zuijderwijk Vergouwe. Read the full article here.

Image: Third Nature, reproduction page from the book The Walking Mountain

1km_small’1KM’ – group exhibition with with Raimond Wouda, Céline Clanet, Jan Stradtmann. Curated by Gianpaolo Arena in cooperation with Altevie Technologies s.r.l., Landscape Stories, Tra Treviso Ricerca Arte and Vulcano.

Location: TRA, Treviso Ricerca Arte
Via Barberia, 31100 Treviso
Vernissage: 08th April, 6.30 pm
Exhibition dates: 08th April — 07th May 2017
Book launch: 03rd May, 8.30 pm

Jan StradtmannWorking on an assignment about the future of cities on subjects like: transportation, climate, civic involvement and housing. The picture shows the investor Christoph Gröner (right) on the 19th floor of the Postscheckamt tower in Berlin. The 89 metre-high office building from the 1960s, will be transformed by the CG Group AG into a Vertical Village called XBerg Tower.

Finally: the book ist out! 1KM is a photographic research that investigates the public spaces, sports fields and places of social interaction in Italy. Photography by Raimond Wouda, Céline Clanet and Jan Stradtmann.


1KM by Raimond Wouda, Céline Clanet, Jan Stradtmann from Landscape Stories on Vimeo.

“Altevie Technologies asked three international photographers to ‘photograph the Italy of Altevie‘ and to do so by using one simple rule: look for the public space dedicated to leisure that was closest to the headquarters of one of its clients, so long as it was within one kilometer radius of it. Raimond Wouda (The Netherlands), Céline Clanet (France) and Jan Stradtmann (Germany) photographed sports fields and places of social interaction through witnesses that are able to stimulate new visions, perspectives, and hypotheses.

At the source of the project is the will to tell the work of Altevie Technologies without necessarily exposing their clients’ brands but instead by constructing a narrative of nearby places – the areas of leisure, seen as the reverse shot of the ones dedicated to work.

The result of this process is 1KM: a work of photographic research that investigates the public spaces neighbouring big businesses, factories, utilities, and R&D centres of Italian excellence. There is a bit of everything along this journey: monumental spaces, open landscapes, parks with leisure facilities, improvised sport fields, hidden corners, historic arenas, youth and sport centres, self-managed spaces… An unexpected journey, able to tell stories that represent us deeply.” (text: 1KM web page)

Publisher: Vulcano
ISBN: 978-88-907650-4-9
Edition: 500
Photography: Raimond Wouda, Céline Clanet, Jan Stradtmann
Concept: Landscape Stories
Production: Vulcano
Curator: Gianpaolo Arena
Layout and Graphics: Claudio Bettio
Editorials Translations: Michela Leoni
Interviews Translations: Sergio Tranquilli
Printing: Graficart, Italy



"Still Hunt"I’m pleased to invite you to the Still Hunt magazine launch at gallery Pavlov’s Dog in Berlin on Sunday, 22nd of January 2017 at 5 pm. During the presentation I will give a short overview about the history of automatic camera systems – and a brief journey into hunting and modern animal-monitoring-systems will exemplify my artistic approach and interest to adopt this imaging technology for the work Still Hunt. Furthermore Davide Giorgetta and Valerio Nicoletti (Kaspar Hauser) will speak about the photographic storytelling of Still Hunt, designed in the form of a variable magazine format.

Location: Pavlov’s Dog, Bergstrasse 19, 10115 Berlin
Magazine launch: 22nd January 2017, 5 pm
The event on facebook.
You can order the magazine here.

Interview_LSThe current issue of Landscape Stories Magazine features an interview with Celine Clanet, Raimond Wouda and me about the upcoming book publication 1KM. The book will be launched in January 2017.

“1KM è un libro, un atlante, un diario di viaggio, un Grand Tour Contemporaneo, e anche una rete che connette persone, luoghi, esperienze, immagini, storie.” (text: 1KM web page; picture: screen shot Landscape Stories)

Calamita, Jan StradtmannFor the next 10 days I will post on the Instagram account of the CALAMITA/À project. The posts are releted to my recent activities in the area of Vajont and the continuation of my work Third Nature. Please follow their account here.

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