"Atoria" for Cup by Cup, 2018"Atoria" for Cup by Cup, 2018

Herzliche Einladung zur Eröffnung CUP BY CUP in die Praline Leipzig im Rahmen des “Lindenow” für Freitag, 05.10.2018, 18.00 Uhr. Mein Beitrag “Atoria – And The Missing ‘S'” ist Teil der Ausstellung.

“Dem Hotel “Astoria” in der Leipziger Innenstadt fehlt seit Jahren das “s” im Schriftzug auf dem Dach des Hotels. Bis 1996 war das Hotel in Betrieb, seit August 2018 wird es saniert. Leerstellen und Lücken zu schließen, prägen die aktuelle stadtplanerische Entwicklung Leipzigs. Ich verstehe meinen Beitrag “Atoria” zur Ausstellung CUP BY CUP als Würdigung an den Zwischenraum und die Zeit der Zwischennutzung; die Neuinterpretation und Umdeutung eines Ortes. Unter Verwendung des inzwischen demontierten und intakten Neon-Schriftzugs am Eingangsportal des Hotels, ist ein neues, eigenständiges Signet entstanden.”

Titel: “Atoria”
Jahr: 2018
Auflage: 100 Stück, handsigniert und nummeriert
Material: Keramiktasse, 340ml
Durchmesser: 82mm
Höhe: 95mm
Gewicht: 380g
Preis: 19,00 EUR

Teil VI der Gruppenausstellungsreihe „You are not alone” von Yvonne Anders & Marike Schreiber

Ort: Kunstraum Praline Leipzig, Lützner Str. 39, 04177 Leipzig
Eröffnung: 05. Oktober 2018, 18.00 Uhr
Laufzeit: 06. und 07. Oktober, 15.00 Uhr – 20.00 Uhr

Polaroid_CommissionOn assignment for Polaroid Originals. The results will be on show during IFA Berlin where the new One Step+ camera will be launched end of August. The above pictures are shot with the self-timer option.

faceless_ACF3 faceless_ACF2 faceless_ACF1Some installation views from the recently finished exhibition “FACELESS – Privacy. Seduction. Surveillance.” at the Gallery of the Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin. My work Garden of Eden in good company with works by Martin Backes, Asger Carlsen, Karin Fisslthaler and Ute Klein.

Melt Festival 2018, Ferropolis, Germany, 13.07.-15.07.2018There are 20 years between these collection of Polaroids. Ferropolis (located in Saxony-Anhalt, close to Dessau) still under construction in 1998 (below) and during the Melt Festival in July 2018. The material is part of my long-term photographic observation of a region which was once the biggest industrial area in East Germany. However, I didn’t worked with Polaroid since a long time and it just felt appropriate to use the same technology, consequently the same visual language than 20 years ago.

Ferropolis, Germany, 1998

Sylt1Just back from a research trip to the biggest of the North Frisian Islands: Sylt. Invited by the local Kunstverein, I will work on a new project within the next year. Focusing on the representation of nature and landscape through photography – as a first step of the project I will especially investigate images from the 1950s and 1960s, which pictured the Island as a place for desire and myth. The results will be exhibited next year.

Sylt5Reproductions: “Das Bräuner Buch”, Westerland, Sylt, 1966

AFF_Front AFF_Back

“Scenery And Nature’s Objects” – a group exhibition with Alexander Grennigloh, Jan Stradtmann, Shigeru Takato and Ann Katrin Warter at AFF Gallery in Berlin. I will show part of my series Third Nature.

Location: AFF Gallery, Kochhannstraße 14, 10249 Berlin
Opening: 18th May 2018, 7 pm
Exhibition dates: 19th May – 10th June 2018, Sat – Sun, 3 pm – 6 pm

Participating artists: Alexander Grennigloh / Jan Stradtmann / Shigeru Takato / Ann Katrin Warter

“The exhibition explores the difference between nature and staged landscape. It shows the naturalness, domestication and regulation of sceneries and points to the problem of mediated nature. The concept of nature has become problematic – it is often impossible to speak of a presupposed nature, rather how it has been replaced by a second, more perfect one. Nature is the model from which human art and technology is derived as an imitation.” (text: AFF gallery)


 (screenshot: Såm web page)

Third NatureThe editors of CALAMITA/À project Marina Caneve and Gianpaolo Arena, are presenting the results of the CALAMITA/À project during a talk at Fonderia 20.9 in Verona at the 31st of March. On the occasion of this event, a leporello with a selection from Third Nature has been produced as limited edition. Size: 27,00 cm height x 302,0 cm width, printed on photographic paper. In collaboration with SÅM and Film Festival della Lessinia.

Location: Fonderia 20.9, Via XX Settembre 67/A, 37129 Verona
Opening & Talk: 31st March 2018, 6 pm
Exhibition dates: 1st April – 14th April 2018

"Third Nature" by Jan Stradtmann "Third Nature" by Jan Stradtmann(leporello views by CALAMITA/À Project)

Below some installation views from the past exhibition “Etwa 3 Sekunden” at Galerie Ursula Walter in Dresden.

Installation view, “Etwa 3 Sekunden”, Galerie Ursula Walter,„The Assumption Of A Mountain“, from the series Third Nature, 50,00 x 50,00 cm, printed on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag Pearl, framed, edition of 5 + 2 AP.

Installation view, “Etwa 3 Sekunden”, Galerie Ursula Walter,From the series Third Nature.

Installation view, “Etwa 3 Sekunden”, Galerie Ursula Walter,

Left: postcard from Longarone, individual item. Right: „Index” from the series Third Nature, 60,00 x 60,00 cm, printed on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag Pearl, framed, edition of 5 + 2 AP.

Installation view, “Etwa 3 Sekunden”, Galerie Ursula Walter,

Still Hunt, series of 31 photographs, various dimensions; released as a newspaper style magazine in September 2016. Specifications and order details can be found on the “Still Hunt” magazine page.

Installation view, “Etwa 3 Sekunden”, Galerie Ursula Walter,„Revelation Silhouette“ from the series Third Nature, 92,0 x 76,0 cm, printed on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag Pearl, framed, edition of 5 + 2 AP.

Installation view, “Etwa 3 Sekunden”, Galerie Ursula Walter,“Facing The Damn Dam – Part I” from the series Third Nature, 45,00 x 60,00 cm, printed on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag Pearl, metal table + glass, edition of 5 + 2 AP.

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