The first gallery exhibition entirely dedicated to the CALAMITA/À project, will be hosted by Matèria Gallery, Rome. The group show features a selection of work from over 20 Artists who, throughout the project’s lifespan, have turned their gaze to the Vajont territory. A selection of my series Third Nature will be part of the show. The exhibition is curated by Marina Caneve, Gianpaolo Arena and Niccolò Fano.

Location: Matèria Gallery, Via Tiburtina 149, 00185 Rome
Vernissage: 29th October, 7 pm
Book launch: 29th October, 6 pm
Exhibition dates: 29th October – 3rd December 2016

Participating artists: Andrea ALESSIO / Gianpaolo ARENA / Sergio CAMPLONE / Marina CANEVE / Céline CLANET / Scott CONARRONE / François DELADERRIERE / Marco LACHI / Michela PALERMO / Max ROMMEL & Marissa MORELLI / Gabriele ROSSI / Petra STAVAST / Jan STRADTMANN / ZUIJDERWIJK & VERGOUWE / Cyrille WEINER & Giaime MELONI; Urbanism: Latitude Platform

"Third Nature", 2015

From the series Third Nature,  92,0 x 76,0 cm, printed on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag Pearl, framed, edition of 5 + 2 AP.

"Still Hunt"Still Hunt has been released as a self published magazine and limited edition folder during Bitume Photobook as part of Bitume Photofest in Lecce (Italy) in September 2016. The publication is designed by Kaspar Hauser. If you want to purchease the magazine or the folder, please check the official web page: Still Hunt Magazine.

Magazine specifications:
24,00 x 31,00 cm
offset printing
32 pages
6 colour and 28 monochrome photographs
designed by Kaspar Hauser
1000 copies
price: 6,00 EUR

Folder specifications:
1 out of 6 images
photo size: 24,00 x 30,00 cm
printed on Hahnemuehle Fine Art Baryta
each limited to 100
signed and numbered
plus 1 “Still Hunt” magazine
price: 35,00 EUR

"Still Hunt"

Bitume_Photofest2016Still Hunt will be launched during Bitume Photobook as part of Bitume Photofest in Lecce (Italy) on Tuesday, 6th of September 2016. The publication is designed by Kaspar Hauser. Please find below the updated text which includes the technical aspects of image making for this series (screenshot: Bitume Photofest).

“Still Hunt” was shot in the area surrounding Gallipoli, in Southern Italy, in August of 2015. It showcases a group of teenagers meeting at the beach at night. The pictures are taken by a camera trap equipped with a motion sensor and infrared flash. This technology, usually used to observe animals and animal behavior for hunting and scientific purposes, is here directed at the teenagers, putting them in the spotlight of a blurry picture and turning them into objects of quasi-scientific observation. The teenagers are captured in candid moments; what exactly is occurring in each photograph is left open to interpretation. The way the images are cropped, the low resolution of the camera itself, and the use of black and white effects combine to create an alienated impression. “Still Hunt” captures the height of summer coming to an end, encapsulated in the choreography of teenage bodies.

"I was born in a country that doesn‘t exist anymore"The series Subversive Eclipse will be on show at gallery LO.FT, Locali Fotografici in Lecce (Italy) as part of Bitume Photofest 2016.

Location: LO.FT Locali Fotografici, Via Ernesto Simini 6/8, Lecce, Italy
Exhibition dates: 03th September – 10th September 2016

Participating artists: Fabrizio ALBERTINI (IT) / Luca CASONATO (IT) / Marita PAPPA (GR) / Iacopo PASQUI (IT) / Arianna SANESI (IT) / Mika SPERLING (GER) / Jan STRADTMANN (GER)

“In the month of August 2015, Positivo Diretto invited seven photographers from Italy, Greece and Germany to take part in a residency program co-realized with LAG Serre Salentine for the second edition of Bitume Photofest. The ten day residency, led by Gianpaolo Arena’s remarkable support, offered a great opportunity to see and discover the fourteen municipalities involved through sight and a project of tremendous scope. Results marked by Pasqui and Albertini’s sharp and attentive eyes, muted by the colours of the sun scorched soil: Sperling’s pathos, the intimate narrator of everyday life: the Sanesi and Pappa’s “boys”, all artificial limbs in an arduous, generational effort, among blooming flowers which were perfect allegories of their lives: Casonato’s empty nights, awaiting the viewer’s gaze in order to feel fulfilled: ending with Stradtmann’s architectural bodies, capable of grasping the historical, anthropological and topological layers of the area. One year later, LO.FT hosts an exhibition of the projects which have been realized during this awesome experience.” (text by Valerio Nicoletti, Bitume Photofest web page)

"Third Nature", 2016Editing new work for the series Third Nature. This picture was taken during another research visit to the city of Vajont (Italy) in May 2016. It shows a leather jacked from an abandoned house in Casso. Situated upon the Vajont dam, Casso was one of the villages involved in the Vajont dam disaster of 1963. The leather hardened over the years and the jacket turned into a sculpture.

Jan StradtmannBologna

Jan StradtmannBologna

Jan Stradtmann


I enjoyed shooting in Italy for 3 weeks in April and May. The work “1km” focuses on sports grounds and places where people spend their leisure time. Among other cities I traveled to Rome, Bologna and Pescara. The project was commissioned by Altevie Technologies, Treviso and is curated by Gianpaolo Arena. The results will be published in a book by the end of this year, together with the work by the photographers Céline Clanet (France) and Raimond Wouda (Nederlands) who worked for that project in other parts of Italy at the same time.

"Third Nature", 2015Third Nature is a photographic approach to the historical incident of the Vajont dam disaster of 1963 in Italy. A selection of photos from the series is now online. The work is part of the CALAMITA/À project and will be published in a book by the end of this year.

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