‘ab_bilden’ – article for EIKON Magazine 112

EIKON – International Magazine for Photography and Media Art, Vienna, issue #112, 11/2020, pp. 50 – 55

Together with Nela Eggenberger I wrote a text about the exhibition ‘ab_bilden‘, published in the current issue of EIKON Magazine #112. ‘ab_bilden‘ is curated by Jan Stradtmann in cooperation with EIKON as part of EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography and is on show at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Berlin.

In the wake of the decision on the capital city in 1991, which regulated the relocation of the parliament and the government from the former capital of the FRG, Bonn, to Berlin, in 1996 a call for submissions to an architectural competition was issued to design a new building for the Austrian embassy. It was won by the Austrian architect Hans Hollein (1934–2014). Ten years after the decision to relocate was made, the embassy was officially opened in 2001. The three artists – Gregor Eggenberger, Claudia Larcher and Sinta Werner – represented in the exhibition ‘ab_bilden’ (approximately “de_pict”) take the architecture of the Austrian embassy as the starting point for discussion examining both Hollein’s formal language and his interdisciplinary thought processes. (text: EIKON)