CALAMITA/À workshop – talk

CALAMITA/ÀOn the 6th of Nov 2015 I talk about my work as part of the CALAMITA/À workshop. For the full program, informations about the participants and the locality, please visit the CALAMITA/À workshop page.

“The CALAMITA/À project is a tool for investigating a territory which, through organized research, wishes to explore the changes in progress, generate questions, reveal critical points and attract interest and awareness concerning a crucial place that is still being defined. Territorial morphology, orography, infrastructure, architecture and social context are all elements for broadening the analysis. Art, sociology, urbanism and photography contribute to the definition of the project through an open, multidisciplinary approach. This plurality of visions is aimed at transforming the territory in question into a laboratory and space for privileged observation.” (text: CALAMITA/À web page)