Exhibition views Third Nature, part of the exhibition Sleight of Hand, Lishui Art Museum, China, November – December 2019.

Third Nature will be exhibited at Lishui Art Museum as part of Lishui International Photography Festival.

Location: Lishui Art Museum
561 Renmin Road
Lishui, China
Exhibition dates: 8th November – 12th December 2019

“To celebrate the launch of a major new partnership between FORMAT and Lishui International Photography Festival in China, Director of FORMAT, Louise Fedotov-Clements, has curated Sleight of Hand, an exhibition presenting work by six artists – Brian Griffin; Regine Petersen; John Angerson; Yvette Monahan and Jan Stradtmann, plus Max Pinckers (curated by Tim Clark), at Lishui Art Museum.

Each of the projects examines belief, control and misdirection through photography by unravelling our understanding of history, landscape and documentary. They challenge our concept of storytelling by looking beneath the surface layer of the image and encouraging viewers to look for longer, offering multiple realities through skilful deception and layered narratives.” (screenshot and text: FORMAT Festival)

A selection of the work Singularity is now integrated in this website. The complete work is published in the book with the same title. See also Books and Exhibitions pages for details.

I am delighted that the book ‘Singularity’ is ready to order. Published on the ocassion of the exhibition ‘Singularity’ at Stadtgalerie “Alte Post“ (Sylt/Westerland, Germany) in July 2019, the book can now be purchased for the price of 14,50 EUR (incl. shipping within the EU). The book contains the entire work which I produced during my residency on the North Frisian Island Sylt between 2018 and 2019. Introduction text by Niklas Boockhoff (in German, translation in English attached). For order, please send a mail to: office [at] janstradtmann.de

Book specifications:

Design, Editing: Jan Stradtmann
Layout, Graphics: Niklas Boockhoff and Jan Stradtmann
Softcover, offset printing
21,0 x 29,7 cm
76 pages
Edition: 500
Publisher: Sylter Kunstfreunde e.V., 2019
ISBN 978-3-9815292-6-5


I am taking over the FORMAT International Photography Festival Instagram account this week. I’ll provide a journey through past and recent projects – with known and new unreleased material. Do not miss.

Update of the Exhibitions page on this website with installation views about the two recent exhibitions: Singularity at Stadtgalerie “Alte Post”, Sylt/Westerland and Third Nature at FORMAT International Photography Festival, Derby, UK.

I am pleased to announce that the result of my residency on the North Frisian Island Sylt will be on show in a solo exhibition from 2nd–15th of July. I was invited by the local art association Sylter Kunstfreunde to take part at the residency program Inselkuenstler. The exhibition with the title Singularity is the outcome of my multiple stay on the island between 2018 and 2019.

Location: Stadtgalerie “Alte Post”
Stephanstrasse 4, 25980 Sylt/Westerland
Vernissage: 2nd July, 7 pm
Exhibition dates: 03rd—15th July 2019

I am currently working on the North Frisian island Sylt. The above pictures are part of the series “Mystify”. Arranged as a diptych, both images build a field of tension between found and staged pictures of nature and landscapes. In this series, I explore the question of a transfigured image in the sense of an “image”. As a popular holiday destination, Sylt has created its very unique image. The results of the residency program Inselkuenstler, established by the local art association, are on show at Stadtgalerie “Alte Post”, Westerland, Sylt from 2nd July 2019.

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