‘Greetings from Salento’ – exhibition

"I was born in a country that doesn‘t exist anymore"The series Subversive Eclipse will be on show at gallery LO.FT, Locali Fotografici in Lecce (Italy) as part of Bitume Photofest 2016.

Location: LO.FT Locali Fotografici, Via Ernesto Simini 6/8, Lecce, Italy
Exhibition dates: 03th September – 10th September 2016

Participating artists: Fabrizio ALBERTINI (IT) / Luca CASONATO (IT) / Marita PAPPA (GR) / Iacopo PASQUI (IT) / Arianna SANESI (IT) / Mika SPERLING (GER) / Jan STRADTMANN (GER)

“In the month of August 2015, Positivo Diretto invited seven photographers from Italy, Greece and Germany to take part in a residency program co-realized with LAG Serre Salentine for the second edition of Bitume Photofest. The ten day residency, led by Gianpaolo Arena’s remarkable support, offered a great opportunity to see and discover the fourteen municipalities involved through sight and a project of tremendous scope. Results marked by Pasqui and Albertini’s sharp and attentive eyes, muted by the colours of the sun scorched soil: Sperling’s pathos, the intimate narrator of everyday life: the Sanesi and Pappa’s “boys”, all artificial limbs in an arduous, generational effort, among blooming flowers which were perfect allegories of their lives: Casonato’s empty nights, awaiting the viewer’s gaze in order to feel fulfilled: ending with Stradtmann’s architectural bodies, capable of grasping the historical, anthropological and topological layers of the area. One year later, LO.FT hosts an exhibition of the projects which have been realized during this awesome experience.” (text by Valerio Nicoletti, Bitume Photofest web page)