‘I Was Born In a Country That Doesn‘t Exist Anymore’ – new series

"I was born in a country that doesn‘t exist anymore"I Was Born In a Country That Doesn‘t Exist Anymore, 2015, series of 28 photographs (incl. found footage and reproductions), various dimensions. Ongoing research.

The series „I was born In a Country That Doesn’t Exist Anymore“ is a visual account of the state of affairs of the south of Italy. Consisting of photographies as well as found footage, the narrative builds up on the connection of recurring images and references that revolve around the Cimitero Monumentale, a cemetery in Parabita in the region of Lecce. Planned and designed by the architects Alessandro Anselmi and Paola Chiatante, the cemetery was inaugurated in 1982 when its dilapidation was concurrent to its initial operation. Today, 33 years after its implementation, parts of the cemetery are in danger of collapsing and no longer open to the public. It is unclear whether this decay is an effect of a conscious decision or whether it is due to negligence. However, these two poles reveal the collision of modern, respectively postmodern promises and traditional tendencies in Italian culture.