‘On Borrowed Time(s)’ – talk

BelgraviaDavid Bate and Layal Ftouni talk to participating artists and discuss the work exhibited in On Borrowed Time (s). The talk addresses the implicatedness of photographic practices in the culture of capitalism, be it through consolidation or critique. It further looks at the position of artist vis a vis market forces, the future of art education and artistic practices in light of austerity measures. (text: INIVA web page)

Participating artists: Basil Al-Rawi / Wilf Speller / Maria Tzili / Jan Stradtmann / Paula Gortázar / William Eckersley / Xiaobo Fu

When: 10th April 2014, 6.30 pm
Location: INIVA, Institute of International Visual Arts
Rivington Place, EC2A 3BA, London