Singularity, 2018 – 2019 series of 59 photographs (incl. archival reproductions), various dimensions. Published in the book with the same title. The work was produced during the Inselkuenstler residency program by Sylter Kunstfreunde.

‘Singularity’ is photographed on the North Frisian island of Sylt. The island is a main holiday destination in Germany, reputed for its exceptional uniqueness of the landscape.

Arranged as group portraits, the series shows volunteers who work on the island’s nature projects and in the Wadden Sea National Park. The work these volunteers perform—moving to the island for a fixed period of time to experience, observe and engage with the environment—are often happen in the background. This activity does not represent the stereotypes of a typical holiday destination or follow a given pattern; instead, it invites a new perspective on the island as a verifiable representation of social norms and values. These young people are building the future by questioning the past. They are facing complex topics and setting out new priorities and methods for the present.

‘Singularity’ additionally includes places that are recognisable as geographical locations on the island and referential photographs that describe an area without clearly identifying it.