Mare Magazine (October/November 2017, No 124), story about the Xylella fastidiosa epidemic in Salento, Italy.

Tomas Sedlacek for Vrij Nederland, 2015.

Garden of Eden and Belgravia in Bonds. Schuld, Schulden und andere Verbindlichkeiten, 2014.

Wilhelm Fink Verlag, München
Editor: Thomas Macho
547 pages, 100 b/w and 30 colour
ISBN: 978-3-7705-5633-5


Belgravia published in the catalouge On Borrowed Time(s), 2014. Design by Allan Parker.

ilinx 3 ilinx 3 ilinx 3

The Tax Dodgers’ Footpath published in ilinx 3, 2013 – Ökonomische Praktiken, 2013.

Philo Fine Arts, Hamburg
192 pages, several images
ISBN: 978-3-86572-592-9

Air Vienna

Bright Before Me the Signs Implore Me published in AiR 300 catalogue, 2012.

MuseumsQuartier Vienna
Text and Production: Margit Emesz
Editors: Julia Assl, Elisabeth Hajek, Margit Moessmer
ISBN: 978-3-200-02621-6

The Tax Dodgers’ Footpath, Sonnemann MagazineThe Tax Dodgers’ Footpath, Sonnemann Magazine, “Is there no decency left?”, No. 9_7/2012.

The Art of DissentManor Garden Allotments in The Art of Dissent: Adventures in London’s Olympic State, 2012.

Marshgate Press, London
Editors: Hilary Powell and Isaac Marrero-Guillamón
302 pages, 76 colour
paperback, 216x 152 mm
Designed by See Studios
ISBN: 978-0-9572943-0-1


Garden of Eden in Visual Traces in the Restless Present, 7th Darmstaedter Tage der Fotografie, 2012.

Lucia Glass, fabrik PotsdamLucia Glass, fabrik Potsdam, 2011. Documentation about the Artist-In-Residence programm at fabrik Potsdam. Design by HELLOGRAPH

Wire Magazine, DJ Surgeon Wire Magazine, DJ SurgeonDJ Surgeon, WIRE MAGAZINE, issue August 2010.

Koerber Award catalogue Koerber Award catalogue Koerber Award catalogue

Bright Before Me the Signs Implore Me, published in Der erste Schritt – Der Einzelne und sein Leben im System, 2010.

edition Koerber-Stiftung, Hamburg
ISBN 978-389684-109-4

Martine Pisani, fabrik PotsdamMartine Pisani, fabrik Potsdam, 2009. Documentation of the Artist-In-Residence program at fabrik Potsdam. Designed by HELLOGRAPH

DAAD catalogue DAAD catalogue DAAD catalogue DAAD catalogueGarden of Eden, in “DAADADA”, DAAD Scholarship Holders, 2009. Published by DAAD London. Design by Pixelgarten

MagentaGarden of Eden, in Flash Forward – Emerging Photographers, 2009.

The Magenta Foundation
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
ISBN 978-0-0721257-5-7

The Caretaker for WIRE MAGAZINE The Caretaker, WIRE MAGAZINE, issue June 2009.

Garden of Eden, Photonews

Garden of Eden, Photonews, issue May 2009.