Serre Salentine – residency

Jan StradtmannI’ve been selected for the Serre Salentine Residency, held in Matino (LE), Italy in August 2015. The produced work will be presented at Bitume Photofest in Gallipoli in September 2015. The residency is supervised by Gianpaolo Arena. Attached some drafts focusing on the area.

Participating artists in the residency are: Fabrizio Albertini (IT) / Luca Casonato (IT) / Marita Pappa (GR) / Iacopo Pasqui (IT) / Arianna Sanesi (IT) / Mika Sperling (GER) / Jan Stradtmann (GER)

“[…] this year’s theme will be Rural Layers. The festival will serve as a context to investigate the shifts in the contemporary landscape, its identities and its anthropological issues. Layers gather by dichotomies and oppositions: balances and imbalances of the contemporary city, presence and resistance of the rural scene, surfacing of hidden stories and accumulation of new ones.” (text: Bitume Photofest web page)