‘Still Hunt’ – launch during Bitume Photobook

Bitume_Photofest2016Still Hunt will be launched during Bitume Photobook as part of Bitume Photofest in Lecce (Italy) on Tuesday, 6th of September 2016. The publication is designed by Kaspar Hauser. Please find below the updated text which includes the technical aspects of image making for this series (screenshot: Bitume Photofest).

“Still Hunt” was shot in the area surrounding Gallipoli, in Southern Italy, in August of 2015. It showcases a group of teenagers meeting at the beach at night. The pictures are taken by a camera trap equipped with a motion sensor and infrared flash. This technology, usually used to observe animals and animal behavior for hunting and scientific purposes, is here directed at the teenagers, putting them in the spotlight of a blurry picture and turning them into objects of quasi-scientific observation. The teenagers are captured in candid moments; what exactly is occurring in each photograph is left open to interpretation. The way the images are cropped, the low resolution of the camera itself, and the use of black and white effects combine to create an alienated impression. “Still Hunt” captures the height of summer coming to an end, encapsulated in the choreography of teenage bodies.