‘Versus’ – talk

The talk with Marina Caneve, Céline Clanet and Jan Stradtmann, hosted by Rachele Ceccarelli, held on 4th of May 2021, can be found on the YouTube channel of Corpo Opaco.

“For the last appointment of ARTISTS WEBINAR, we invited Marina Caneve, Céline Clanet and Jan Stradtmann. They will present the works selected for Versus, telling us more about their approach and developement: ‘The Shape of Water Vanishes in Water”, “Les Chapieux: géographie d’un secret” and “Third Nature”. All the three photographers, each one chosen by a different team of curators (Corpo Opaco, Galerie l’Aberrante and Fonderia 20.9), participated in CALAMITA/Á. This project is an interdisciplinary research platform born as a territorial investigation on the Vajont history (1963), which focuses on the topics of catastrophes, changes, memories and politics and involves a group of international artists. The meeting will also be the occasion to discuss about this experience and to touch upon some shared topics of investigation and reflection: landscapes and their representation; the ideas of habitat, dwelling, infrastructure and how they shape the relation of communities with their territory; photography and its practice between memory, document, creation, exploration.” (text: Versus; Corpo Opaco)