Born in Wittenberg, Germany

Since graduating in MA Photographic Studies from the University of Westminster in London, I have been working as an artist specialising in photography. In my work I explore architecture as a form of representation and human interactions with landscapes after historical events. I consider photography as a way of documenting, especially to visualise social processes. At the same time, I search for an abstraction in the photographic representation that enables the photograph to be experienced singularly as an image out of its thematic context. My most recent work ‘Third Nature’ deals with the aftermath of the Vajont Dam disaster (Italy, 1963); in ‘Lucent Avatars’ I focus on the visual identity of the Federal Intelligence Service building in Berlin and the work ‘INSIDE Atoms for Peace’ questions the strategic orientation of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna through the architecture of the building from the 1970s.

Exhibitions: including Fotoraum K., Cologne; The Photographers Gallery, London; Institute of International Visual Arts, London; Lishui Photography Festival, China; Noorderlicht Photofestival, NL

Scholarships and awards: DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) post graduate grant for Great Britain; Aenne-Biermann-Prize Gera, Germany; Koerber-Photo-Award, Deichtorhallen Hamburg; Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony; Artist-in-Residence at the MuseumsQuartier Vienna

2006 – 2007 MA Photographic Studies, University of Westminster, London
1997 – 2004 Visual Communication Design, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

Solo Exhibitions
2021 ‘Third Nature’, Fotoraum K, Cologne
2020 ‘Belgravia – Relics of the Future’, Emmanuel Post Contemporay Art, Berlin
2019 ‘Singularity’, Stadtgalerie Alte Post, Westerland, Sylt, Germany
2013 ‘Bright Before Me the Signs Implore Me’, Schauraum der DTDF, Darmstadt
2012 ‘Mondialisation mon amour’, with Edith Roux, Le bleu du ciel, Lyon, France
2012 ‘Garden of Eden / Belgravia’, Bloo Gallery, Rome
2004 ‘Pictures 2002 and 2004’ Gallery framework Vienna, Vienna
2003 ‘Hunting Lodges’, Architektur-Salon, Gallery framework, Berlin

Group Exhibitions
2022 ’20 Jahre Fotoraum’, Fotoraum K, Cologne
2021 ‘I didn’t lick it’, Bruton Museum & Bruton Correspondence School, Bruton, UK
2020 ‘#ICPConcerned’, International Center of Photography, New York
2020 ‘Generation Z’, Noorderlicht Int. Photofestival, Museum Belvédère, Heerenveen, NL
2020 ‘Stille Post’, Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden
2019 ‘Sleight of Hand’, Lishui Art Museum, Lishui Photography Festival, China
2019 ‘Forever//Now’, FORMAT International Photography Festival, Derby, UK
2018 ‘Ursulasalon’, Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden
2018 ‘CUP BY CUP’, Praline, Leipzig
2018 ‘Scenery And Nature’s Objects’, AFF Gallery, Berlin
2018 ‘FACELESS’, Gallery of the Austrian Cultural Forum, Berlin
2018 ‘Calamita/à Project’, Fonderia 20.9, Verona, Italy
2017 ‘Etwa 3 Sekunden’, Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden
2017 ‘1KM’, PAC – Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Milan
2017 ‘Zines Of The World’, Truman Brewery, London
2017 ‘Ti racconto il mare’, Castello Aragonese di Castro, Castro, Italy
2017 ‘1KM’, TRA – Treviso Ricerca Arte, Treviso, Italy
2016 ‘Calamita/à’, Matèria Gallery, Rome
2016 ‘Greetings from Salento’, LO.FT Gallery, Bitume Photofest, Lecce, Italy
2015 ‘Rural Layers’, Bitume Photofest, Gallipoli, Italy
2015 ‘United Nations Extended – The Vienna Dialog’, MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Austria
2015 ‘FACELESS’, De Markten, Brussels
2014 ‘The Face’, Villa Ichon, Bremen
2014 ‘On Borrowed Time(s)’, Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts), London
2014 ‘FACELESS’, Mediamatic, Amsterdam
2013 ‘Power and Pleasure’, London Gallery West, London
2013 ‘To Have and Have Not’, Noorderlicht International Photofestival, Groningen, NL
2013 ‘FACELESS part 1’, MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Austria
2012 ‘Before Aftermath’, Gallery Die Ausstellungsstrasse, Month of Photography, Vienna
2012 ‘Residual Traces’, Photofusion Gallery, London
2012 ‘The World in London’, The Photographers Gallery, London
2012 ‘7th Darmstaedter Tage der Fotografie’, Darmstadt, Germany
2011 ‘Woodland’, Pavlov’s Dog, Berlin
2011 ‘Wien ruft 0049’, Gallery Die Ausstellungsstrasse, Vienna
2011 ‘Mostyn Open’, Oriel Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno, UK
2011 ‘FACE. Evolution of Portrait in Photography’, Rosphoto, St. Petersburg, Russia
2011 ‘Salon Photo Prize’, Matt Roberts Arts, London
2010 ‘6th Koerber-Photo-Award’, House of Photography, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg
2010 ‘9th Aenne-Biermann-Prize’, Museum fuer Angewandte Kunst, Gera, Germany
2009 ‘DAADADA’, DAAD Scholarship Holders, Ada Street Gallery, London
2009 ‘F/Stop, 3rd International Photography Festival’, Leipzig, Germany
2008 ‘AMPS/08’, Photofusion Gallery, London
2008 ‘freshfacedandwildeyed 08’, The Photographers Gallery, London
2008 ‘2nd Novosibirsk Int. Festival of Contemporary Photography’, Novosibirsk, Russia
2007 ‘Allotment’, Seven Seven Contemporary Art, London
2007 ‘Stopover’, DAAD Scholarship Holders, Ada Street Gallery, London

Grants, Awards
2022 ‘Neustart Kultur’ grant, Stiftung Kunstfonds, Bonn, Germany
2020 ‘Denkzeit’ grant, Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony
2019 FORMAT Lishui Photography Festival Special Exhibition Award, Derby, UK
2018 Inselkuenstler Residency, Sylt, Germany
2015 Serre Salentine Residency, Italy
2010 nominated for the 6th Koerber-Photo-Award, Koerber Foundation, Hamburg
2010 2nd prize winner, 9th Aenne-Biermann-Prize, Gera, Germany
2010 Artist-in-Residence at quartier21, MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Austria
2009 UK winner, Flash Forward, Magenta Foundation, Toronto, Canada
2008 DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) project grant for Great Britain
2008 UK winner, Flash Forward, Magenta Foundation, Toronto, Canada
2007 shortlist winner, Nikon Discovery Awards, UK
2006 – 2007 DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) postgraduate grant for Great Britain

Lectures, Talks, Screenings
2021 ‘Versus’, Fonderia 20.9, Verona; hosted by Corpo Opaco, Montpellier
2020 – 2022 University of Westminster Career Mentoring Scheme
2019 Design Department, Lishui University, China
2019 ‘Third Nature’, Lishui Photography Festival, China
2017 ‘Still Hunt’, Pavlov’s Dog, Berlin
2015 Calamita/à, workshop, Cimolais (PN), Italy
2010 Raum D / quartier21, MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Austria
2010 6th Koerber-Photo-Award, Koerber Foundation, Hamburg
2005 – 2008 lecturer for photography, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
2007 workshop, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Sankt Augustin, Germany

2021 – 2022 artistic direction, ‘Passage’ Artist-in-Residence programme
2020 ‘ab_bilden’, in cooperation with EIKON – International Magazine for Photography and Media Art, Austrian Cultural Forum, Berlin, during the Month of Photography, Berlin
2012 ‘Before Aftermath’, Gallery Die Ausstellungsstrasse, Vienna, during the Month of Photography, Vienna
2007 ‘Stopover’, DAAD Scholarship Holders, Ada Street Gallery, London

Public Collections
Museum fuer Angewandte Kunst, Gera, Germany
Photography Museum, Lishui, China
Ostsächsische Sparkassenstiftung, Dresden, Germany

2022 ‘Photographie contemporaine & anthropocène’, Editor: Danièle Méaux, Publisher: Filigranes Éditions, Paris, book
2021 ‘La région humaine’, Editors: Gilles Verneret and Michel Poivert, Publisher: Loco Editions and Le Bleu du Ciel, Paris, book
2021 ‘Von der Repräsentation zur Intervention. Die Vereinten Nationen im Spiegel der Kunst’, Editors: Signe Theill and Annette Vowinckel, Wallstein Verlag, Goettingen, book
2020 essay about ‘ab_bilden’ together with Nela Eggenberger, EIKON – International Magazine for Photography and Media Art, issue 112, Vienna
2019 ‘Singularity’, Publisher: Sylter Kunstfreunde e.V., book
2019 ‘Forever//Now’, FORMAT International Photography Festival, QUAD Publishing, Derby, catalogue
2018 ‘Faceless. Re-inventing Privacy Through Subversive Media Strategies’, Editors: Bogomir Doringer, Brigitte Felderer, Edition Angewandte, De Gryter, Berlin, book
2017 ‘Talisman’, Edition Furor, Vienna, book
2016 ‘1KM’, Concept: Landscape Stories, Publisher: Vulcano, Venezia Mestre, book
2016 ‘The Walking Mountain’, Editors: Gianpaolo Arena, Marina Caneve, Sybren Kuiper, self published by Calamita/à, book
2016 ‘Still Hunt’, self published magazine and limited edition folder, Berlin
2015 ‘Rural Layers’, Bitume Photofest 2015, Editrice Salentina, Galatina, catalouge
2014 ‘King’s College Chapel 1515-2015: Music, Art and Religion in Cambridge’, Editors: Jean Micheal Massing and Nicolette Zeeman, Brepols, Turnhout, book
2014 ‘Bonds. Schuld, Schulden und andere Verbindlichkeiten’, Editor: Thomas Macho, Wilhelm Fink Verlag, Munich, book
2014 ‘On Borrowed Time(s)’, Institute of International Visual Arts, London, catalouge
2013 ‘ilinx 3, 2013 – Ökonomische Praktiken’, Philo Fine Arts, Hamburg, periodical
2012 ‘AiR 300’, quartier21/MuseumsQuartier Wien, Vienna, catalouge
2012 ‘eyes on’ Month of Photography, Vienna, catalogue
2012 ‘The Art of Dissent: Adventures in London’s Olympic State’, Editors: Hilary Powell and Isaac Marrero-Guillamón, Marshgate Press, London, book
2012 ‘Visual Traces in the Restless Present’, 7th Darmstaedter Tage der Fotografie, Darmstadt, catalogue
2010 ‘Der erste Schritt – Der Einzelne und sein Leben im System’, 6th Koerber-Photo-Award, Edition Koerber Stiftung, Hamburg, catalogue
2010 ‘9th Aenne-Biermann-Prize’, Museum fuer Angewandte Kunst, Gera, catalogue
2009 ‘DAADADA’, DAAD Scholarship holders, Bonn, catalogue
2009 ‘Flash Forward 2009’, Magenta Foundation, Toronto, catalogue
2009 ‘Where do we go from here?’, F/Stop, 3rd International Photography Festival Leipzig, Deutscher Kunstverlag, Berlin, catalogue
2009 ‘Garden of Eden’, Photonews 05.2009, Hamburg
2008 ‘Flash Forward 2008’, Magenta Foundation, Toronto, catalogue
2008 ‘Forum’, Camera Austria 102/2008, Graz
2007 ‘Stopover’, DAAD Scholarship holders, Bonn, catalogue
2003 ‘FHP:-) Design Standort’, Verlag Hermann Schmidt, Mainz, book

Interviews, Videos
2021 ‘Versus’, together with Marina Caneve & Céline Clanet, by Corpo Opaco
2020 video documentation about ‘ab_bilden’ at Austrian Cultural Forum
2017 interview about ‘Third Nature’ at Urbanautica
2017 interview about ‘1KM’ at Landscape Stories Magazine

Publications in Online Magazines
‘Still Hunt’ at Yogurt Magazine
‘Belgravia’ at Klat Magazine
‘Belgravia’ at Landscape Stories Magazine
‘Garden of Eden’ at Conscientious by J. Colberg
‘Garden of Eden’ and ‘Belgravia’ at Paris Art
‘Jan Van’ at Source Magazine

Publications in Print Magazines and Newspapers (selection)
Acutphoto, Adam and Eve Magazine, Art World Magazine, Brand Eins, Camera Austria, Evening Standard Magazine, FAZ, FT Magazine, form Magazine, Mare Magazin, Das Magazin, Max Joseph – Magazin der Bayerischen Staatsoper, Neon Magazine, New Statesman Magazine, Photonews, Psychologies Magazine, Stern, Tanz Magazine, Sunday Times Magazine, die tageszeitung, Vrij Nederland, Wallpaper *, Wire Magazine, Die ZEIT, ZEIT Campus